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Wayfindr launch eLearning course on accessible audio navigation systems

Title page of ITU-T Standard F.921 (accessibility and human factors

Wayfindr, the organisation behind the world’s first internationally-approved open standard for accessible audio navigation, has launched an eLearning course on accessible audio navigation systems. Audio navigation is a cutting edge accessibility solution that can empower persons with vision impairments to travel independently. Helping them to enter the workforce and play a full part in society.

Audio navigation services are rapidly emerging around the world, underpinned by improved location-based technologies. In countries such as Turkey and Israel for example, thousands of vision impaired people are using audio navigation apps to find their way around destinations such as shopping centres and airports.

About the Wayfindr course

This is the first-ever online digital navigation course, delivered through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN agency responsible for developing global technical standards for information and communication technologies. Participants will receive a certificate in developing and installing audio navigation using Recommendation ITU-T F.921: Audio-Based Indoor and Outdoor Network Navigation System for Persons with Vision Impairment.

Designed to facilitate active and self-directed learning, the content covers an introduction to vision impairment and the steps required to design, implement and manage an audio-based navigation system for persons with vision impairment. A wide range of extra learning material and activities are also provided to allow learners to expand their knowledge.

Upon completion, participants will understand the elements of an indoor navigation system and how it can be included in an accessibility or wayfinding strategy for a destination.

Who should take the course?

The course is particularly relevant to app developers, wayfinding consultants, accessibility professionals, architects and venue operators or owners. It will provide a detailed understanding of what is required to develop and install audio navigation using the Wayfindr recommendation ITU-T F.921.

As trained professionals in accessible ‘indoor’ digital audio-navigation, participants will be able to offer clients a pioneering navigation system that will empower persons with visual impairments across the world to travel independently.

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