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Benefits of SDS membership

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Our interests extend beyond sign design. We keep our members informed about developments and best practice in wayfinding, maps, signage, environmental/experiential graphics, and related fields.

Our events provide excellent opportunities to meet and network with a broad range of people including key decision-makers and influencers. Most of the important UK companies in signage and wayfinding – and many from abroad – are SDS members.

Our members’ work includes iconic signage systems such as Legible London, mass transit systems such as the Dubai Metro, and wayfinding systems for train stations and airports.

Why join us

Being a Sign Design Society member makes you part of our community and helps you keep up-to-date on relevant developments, events and news. You can also use our special member logo and have free access to our events and talks. We have a range of membership types for professionals, retirees and students in the UK and abroad.

As an SDS member you can also enjoy:

  • Free listing in our member directory
  • Free regular talks from specialist speakers on a wide range of topics – and lively after-talk discussions
  • Our popular summer and end-of-year parties with lots of food, drink and good company – free for all SDS members
  • Free access to member-only resources including our event livestreaming and our archive of talk recordings
  • Networking with industry peers and potential partners/employees/employers
  • Free job postings on our website
  • Our links to universities, students and new graduates
  • Posting your company news, events and case studies
  • Showcasing recent projects in our Case Study Library 
  • Influencing standardisation and legislation
  • Occasional SDS-only specialist visits/tours, seminars and conferences
  • Our joint events with organisations such as the UK-based British Sign & Graphics Association (BSGA) Information Design Association (IDA), and the global IIID (the International Institute for Information Design)
  • Advance notice and requests to contribute to industry publications and events
  • A special Sign Design Society member logo for use in business materials.

Join us today

Get all of these benefits and more: become an SDS member today. You can also come to our next event to speak to our steering group and find out more about us.