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Details of all publications available for purchase through The Society are listed below. The list includes the co-published Sign Design Guide, recognised internationally as the independent go to resource for good practice in accessible design.

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The Sign Design Society shop provides an additional sales channel for relevant member publications and a route to pass on discounts from authors and publishers of material judged to be of interest to members. All listing requests will be subject to review by The Steering Group. Please contact for more information.

Explorations in Information Design

by Dr Maxwell J. Roberts This book gives an in-depth analysis of how schematic maps assist the user, when they fail, and the psychological theories that explain why. It asks whether traditional design techniques are suited to today’s complex networks, and explores Read More…

Price: £52.50

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The Sign Design Guide

Note: This edition is available only as a paper (not PDF) copy.  The Sign Design Guide was published jointly by the SDS and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). Written by Peter Barker OBE, BSc (Eng), a member of the Read More…

Price: £29.00

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