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Redcar Regent Cinema (Astley)

Extrnal view of Regent Cinema Redcar

Project name: Redcar Regent Cinema.

Clients: Bam Construction Ltd.

Sector: Retail & leisure

Location: Redcar, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Role: The project encompassed the manufacture and install of external and internal brand graphics, including building signage and ambient wayfinding.

Brief: Leading the rebuild of the Redcar Regent Cinema, BAM Construction required a supplier to provide the signage for the newly reconstructed, bespoke landmark. Keeping with the theme and heritage of the old theatre, the aim was to produce signage that embodied the Art Deco design, whilst also being able to withstand environmental conditions at its coastal location.

Solution: After being demolished in 2020, the Regent Cinema underwent a total revamp, now occupying a three-story building and embracing an Art Deco style. Paying homage to its heritage as an old theatre in the 1920s, the landmark has become the new home of Merlin Cinemas Ltd.

This project really demonstrated Astley’s creative production expertise. Their team manufactured and installed a highly bespoke range of internal and external signage for the venue. From the main exterior signage, to internal wayfinding and suspended cinema lightboxes, Astley worked their magic throughout the new cinema.

Regarding the interior Art Deco design, Astley worked closely with GT3 Architects, to produce some stunning brass pieces. Incorporating the brassy, illuminated elements into the signage really gave a nod to that timeless, old Hollywood era.

Challenges: A key objective was to ensure the signage was composed of the appropriate material. Given the coastal orientation of the building, it was essential that the chosen materials were able to withstand all types of weather faced at the seafront. For the external signage, specialist aluminium was used, which was fabricated and anodised to provide longevity against sand blast corrosion. It was essential that the LED’s were IP68-rated – the highest rating – as in ​extreme conditions these LEDs can be submerged in water for a substantial period and continue to function.

Outcome: The Astley team loved being a part of this unique venture. Getting hands-on with such an experiential project and giving life back to the once-loved picture house was extremely rewarding.

Case Study Submitted By: Sandy Lockyer, Content Writer, Astley.

Internal cinema close-up view of Regent Cinema branding signage by Astley.