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Harrods Retail Wayfinding (Endpoint)

Internal shot showing an example of wayfinding using room numbersProject Name: Harrods Retail Wayfinding

Clients: Harrods

Sector: Retail & leisure

Location: London (UK)

Role: The nature of the service delivered i.e. sign design, wayfinding, manufacture and installation, map design, typography and brand identity design.

The Brief: Harrods is a world-class, luxury shopping brand. It’s also a huge store, with 330 departments spread across a million square feet (90,000 sqm). Such an iconic destination required a success-driven wayfinding solution. And that’s exactly what Endpoint provided.

Given its size and structural layout, customers easily became disorientated within Harrods. They struggled to find specific products among big-name boutiques. As a result, certain areas of the store were prone to overcrowding and staff would waste time giving directions rather than selling goods.

Introducing a Unifying Numbering System: It became clear that Harrods faced similar navigational challenges to large museums. To mirror this, Endpoint’s primary solution was to introduce a simple hall numbering system; one which would maintain the wayfinding experience regardless of space usage and unify digital services and printed guides.

Endpoint’s strategy drove numerous improvements. Among these, a grand entrance opened on Hans Crescent, escalators were renamed to ensure clarity, and new Wi-Fi-ready directional totems were built to signpost the numbers system.

Outcome: Over 83% customers said the store was easier to navigate. Staff reported that the number of customers asking for directions had significantly dropped. Journey times to key destinations were reduced by two thirds.

Endpoint work has also improved sales floor efficiency, reduced overcrowding, and set a foundation for digital services at Harrods.

The success of Endpoint’s wayfinding strategy has resulted in them winning two awards: 2018 Transform Awards Europe and the 2019 SEGD Global Design Awards.

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Case Study Submitted By: Endpoint and Pentagram.

Example of Harrods branding