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Twentytwo at 22 Bishopsgate (Signbox)

22 Bishopsgate (interior view of corridor with signage by Signbox)

Project name: Architectural interior and wayfinding signs for Twentytwo, a prestigious new workplace concept at 22 Bishopsgate, London.

Client: Multiplex, global construction company.

Sector: Offices and estates

Location: The City, London (UK)

The role: This project involved signage and wayfinding design during the fit-out for this iconic building.

The brief: The Multiplex specification called for Signbox to supply and install Category A architectural signs (7000 in total) to all 62 floors and stairwells of the 62-storey building. The commission included lift lobby signage, statutory signage, and wayfinding.

Challenges: One of the biggest challenges for Signbox was the location. Working in an inner-city setting on a congested site with limited space to plan and store products and multiple contractors and services operating simultaneously in the same areas with tight timescales as each floor was released presented obvious challenges. Protecting completed work surfaces from other on-site contractors was also a crucial task for the Signbox installation team.

This was to prove a remarkable, yet challenging project that would see all signs manufactured inhouse by Signbox’s expert signmakers at their manufacturing base in Egham, Surrey

Technical details: The Twentytwo scheme incorporated statutory signage, manifestation to glass and walls, projecting signage for all lifts, stairwell signage and large format cut letters for every lift lobby. Magnetically fixed fire exit signs were manufactured for ease of installation and applied to every floor and room within the 22 Bishopsgate complex.

All large format numerals and letters, project signs for lifts, statutory signs and glass manifestation printed and installed inside the building were designed with a holistic approach in line with the 22 Bishopsgate ethos of putting people first in this ‘vertical village’.

Outcome: As with any commercial building of this size, world-class design, development, manufacturing as well as meticulous project management and engineering by the Signbox teams was critical to ensure every sign solution met both the requisite aesthetic design and functionality. Integral to the success of the project was the need to embrace and accommodate the needs of the diverse workforces within Twentytwo, which number some 12,000 people, along with the building’s visitors.

Signbox demonstrated their knowledge and experience with materials, processes and project management. This, together with a demonstration of significant cost savings, impressed all interested parties, including Multiplex, PLP Architects, and Endpoint Ltd.

Case Study submitted by Signbox, Mark Bartlett Managing Director (

Composite image showing examples of signage by Signbox for Twentytwo at 22 Bishopsgate in City of London (UK)