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Fashion Museum Antwerp Wayfinding Design (/STUDIOMDA)

Internal view of wayfinding running alongside stepsby MDA Studio

Client: Fashion Museum Antwerp

Sector: Museums and galleries

Location: Antwerp (Belgium)

Role: Wayfinding design

The Brief: After presenting their proposal and undergoing a rigorous selection process, /STUDIOMDA was chosen to create the new wayfinding system for the Fashion Museum Antwerp in Belgium. The studio worked alongside the preparations for the museum’s reopening while implementing the new signage system.

One of the greatest challenges was to incorporate more than 800 square metres of expansion and give particular attention to new demarcations and changes in circulation. Together with the re-branding, these all contributed to the museum’s renewed identity.

World-famous for its immersive exhibitions, the Fashion Museum Antwerp houses a remarkable collection of contemporary Belgian fashion. The museum was under complete renovation and re-opened in early September 2021.

Outcome: Simplifying the many complex factors of the Fashion Museum Antwerp was a big challenge to design development. Originally, the overall space was hardly legible to those visiting the museum, its library, the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and its headquarters.

Creating the concept and strategy for a uniquely significant and historic project required an immersive process to comprehend how people inhabit the space. In our design, delicate insertions were made without the help of substrates.

/STUDIOMDA drew from the colour palette and graphic resources of the museum’s new brand to create custom pictograms, characters, and 3D directional elements. The system is in Dutch and English, addressing the international audience that comes to visit, study and work in Antwerp.

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This wayfinding strategy was winner in Graphic Design / Communication Design at DNA Paris Design Awards 2022.

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