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Royal Papworth Hospital (xsign)

External view of Royal Papworth Hospital showcasing xsign signage

Project Name: Royal Papworth Hospital

Client: Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Trust, Skanska

Sector: Hospitals, healthcare and research

Location: Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge (UK)

Role: Wayfinding consultancy, sign scheme design, signs manufacture and signs installation.

The Brief: xsign were appointed to provide wayfinding consultancy, sign manufacture and sign installation at the brand new Cambridge Biomedical Campus for Royal Papworth Hospital Trust. Skanska led on the construction of the project and xsign were appointed to lead on the sign package.

Outcome: xsign delivered a suite of internal, wayfinding signs which include frosted acrylic on dark grey and a range of iconography. The range of sign types include directory wall panels, suspended sign types and protruding signs, all digitally printed for excellent resolution and cost efficiency. Externally, xsign provided a set of cut letters for the outside of the building which provide striking branding for visitors and staff alike.

During the project, xsign applied their knowledge and expertise of creating wayfinding solutions for healthcare institutions. Wayfinding can be crucial in such settings, often in life or death situations, so clear and legible wayfinding is vital for the success of a hospital environment.

Sarah Pugh, Key Account Manager at xsign, summed up the project thus: “I’ve worked with Skanska for the past 20 years, on a variety of projects featuring sign packages. It was important to engage in stakeholder meetings with Royal Papworth Hospital Trust to develop the sign scheme to ensure the language, terminology and wayfinding was easily recognised within the hospital. We were very much in an advisory role to make sure the scheme works now and in the future. The scheme that we recommended is based around a flexible, patented solution. That means the scheme is fit for purpose from day one but provides flexibility for any changes that need to be made in the future. The main palette of materials is a frosted grey acrylic, coupled with graphics and iconography. The external signs are kept relatively simple. We’ve used totems and cut letters to the external façade.”

[xsign signs are manufactured in the UK.]

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Composite image showing examples of internal signage fabricated by xsign at Royal Papworth Hospital