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Past events

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Venice Marco Polo Airport: identity and wayfinding for the gateway to the city

January 2017 

Sarah Owen from Pascall Watson took us on a fascinating journey from initial brief to the implementation of a new wayfinding solution for Venice’s Marco Polo Airport. During her talk, she explains the rationale behind the design and how they embedded the identity of the city within the scheme. The team’s solution for integrating digital advertising screens into the wayfinding strategy was particularly inspired and something we could all learn from.

A video and slides of the talk is now available to members via the members only section.

A curious case of London blinds 

November 2016 

During November’s talk from Doug Rose we were treated to a master class in the Johnston typeface and the craft involved in type design. Doug beautifully illustrated how in some instances, adherence to the letter of DDA guidelines can undermine their fundamental purpose.  He reminded us (if any of us needed it), that there is no substitute for a design thinking approach and the skills of a suitably qualified designer when it comes to tackling seemingly unsolvable problems.

A video and slides of the talk is now available to members via the members only section.

Aesthetics yes, Safety emphatically!

October 2016 SDS 

Although dealing primarily with what he calls the ‘nuts and bolts’ end of the supply chain, David Catanach from The BSGA knows that in the professions served by the Society, a lot of detail needs to be understood and adhered to by more than just sign making companies. Nowadays, it is the way of the world that a lot of responsibility trickles down the chain reaching those who design signs. Getting it right is more likely to keep them out of blame in the event of a sign failure . The aim of this presentation is to increase awareness of responsibilities and raise standards. David’s presentation is  essential knowledge for all those involved in the procurement, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of signs.

A video and slides of the talk is now available to members via the members only section.