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Wayfinding for people with visual impairments

Thursday 7 February 2019
Setting the standard for accessible audio navigation

Woman with vision impairment navigating London Underground[Image credited to Sophie Mutevelian]

About this event

For our February talk, we’re pleased to welcome Tiernan Kenny from Wayfindr, the social technology organisation with a mission to empower visually impaired people through inclusive and accessible audio navigation. Of the estimated 2 million vision impaired people in the UK, almost half say they would like to leave their home more often. Many are unable to travel independently, relying on other people to help them get around or just not venturing out at all. As a result sight loss can often lead to isolation, poverty and depression.

Recognising the potential of smartphones, Wayfindr formed in 2015 and have since developed the world’s first internationally approved standard for accessible audio navigation. They are currently working with clients across the world to enable visually impaired people to travel confidently and spontaneously.  As well as providing tailored augmented reality guidance to meet the needs of persons with different impairments, audio navigation can also improve the wayfinding experience for all users: optimising the flow of people through space; reducing overcrowding and stress to improve the overall customer experience.

Tiernan’s talk will focus on wayfinding for persons with vision impairment. Specifically the use of audio navigation technology, an augmented reality wayfinding solution, which can allow vision-impaired people to travel independently by providing step-by-step route guidance. He will speak about the internationally approved standard for accessible audio navigation (ITU-T F.921), and Wayfindr’s work to encourage the development and adoption of accessible audio navigation solutions in the UK and beyond.

About our speaker

Tiernan KennyHead of Communications, Public Affairs and Standards Wayfindr, leads the company’s standards work and community engagement in the UK, Europe and beyond. Before joining Wayfindr, Tiernan spent several years in Brussels working in public affairs, mainly on technology policy and standards.

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07 Feb 2019 18:30

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