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Sign design gets things moving again!

Thursday 25 JuneFlyer for 25 June SDS event including photos of speaker Sander Baumann and Dr Colette Jeffrey who will facilitate the talk

About this event

Join us at the Sign Design Society for a talk about wayfinding during the coronavirus lockdown. You can (re) connect with our friendly community, get some business ideas, and see some smiling faces!

Sander Baumann, an Amsterdam based designer will share his experiences of wayfinding and sign design during lockdown, how his business changed overnight and how he found new opportunities to keep moving on.

Sander will introduce his COVID-19 proof Wayfinding Toolkit which recently won an IIID Silver Award in the Emergency & Safety category. Developed to show schools in the Netherlands how to implement government guidelines on safe routing and sign design as they started to reopen, it was distributed free to schools. However, he has found ways to make money whilst giving away the Toolkit free-of-charge. Join us for this SDS talk to find out how.

This talk will be hosted on Zoom. We will have a friendly welcome chat, followed by Sander’s Toolkit talk and then finish with an open discussion on signs, arrows versus footprint symbols, and wayfinding business after lockdown. Our Co-Chair Dr Colette Jeffrey will ask for feedback on how the SDS can best connect with our sign design community moving forward.

Save the date… Join us on Zoom on Thursday, 25 June at 6pm (BST) to get sign design conversations moving again!

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This “Sign design get things moving again!” talk is free for SDS members and non-members.

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25 Jun 2020 18:00

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