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Functional design for public places: how to design inclusive wayfinding information

Thursday 24 March 2022 (1pm GMT)

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About the event

Danish graphic designer Janik Frithioff shares fascinating examples of functional design solutions, and explores the key principles for designing wayfinding, traffic information, typography and visual communications for public places. When designing for ‘everyone’ Janik believes the goal must always be to develop solutions for as many different types of users as possible, with the key a focus on function rather than aesthetics. Janik will show how functional design is really about what works rather than what doesn’t, whereas aesthetics is about pretty or ugly (and everyone has an opinion on the aesthetics!). As designers, we must always consider the functionality of our solutions first and foremost. Janik’s talk is based upon comprehensive theoretical knowledge and 15 years of practical experience in the fields of public transportation and public design.

Following Janik’s talk, Dr Colette Jeffrey leads a discussion on functional design and how we can make information design inclusive.

About our speaker

Janik Frithioff is a Danish graphic designer. He has worked on a broad range of design projects: CD cover artwork; posters; soda and beer artwork; and graphics for public spaces and public transportation in particular. In recent years, he has focused exclusively on public place design, and public transportation specifically. He has a genuine interest in design for public transportation, and is very inspired by making solutions that help other people in their interaction of public spaces. He thinks of design ostensibly as a public service rather than a money making enterprise for businesses. This has led him to specialise in functional design, with a focus on how well his solutions work. He has worked for transportation companies and local government in Denmark, through which he’s gained considerable experience and theoretical knowledge of practical solutions that work.

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24 Mar 2022 13:00

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