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Wolfströme Design

Wolfstrome Design logoI specialise in holistic wayfinding, cultural placemaking, interpretation and public art which inspires me to explore and develop unique design solutions for places, buildings, urban environments, parks and landscapes. I develop interventions that give a sense of ownership and meaning to local communities as well as creating clear and informative experiential design for visitors. In doing this, citizens feel a connection and understanding of their environment which inspires to create a greater sense of community.

My work also includes nomenclature, branding and the development of identity and information systems for places and buildings to create sympathetic modern contemporary solutions that ensure places have a coherent, appropriate and desirable approach to environmental and spatial information design making them more accessible. Well-branded information materials for both print and digital communications can also be developed as part of a cohesive approach.

RAF dial outside, with people standing on it looking at inscriptions

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