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STUDIOMDA is a Belgian-Brazilian studio specializing in strategies and solutions for wayfinding design.

We have focused on Wayfinding Design for over 25 years in Brazil, creating an extensive portfolio in health care, education, retail, urban design, leisure, commercial and residential developments.

In Belgium, we have been working on projects for museums, football stadiums, hotels, corporate complexes, hospitals, and train stations.

A good wayfinding design solution allows for dialogue between an environment and its occupants to bring identity and meaning to spaces, reveal their history, and, often, make their complexity understandable. The purpose is to have a significant and beneficial effect on the way in which people relate to their environments daily, allowing for the exploration of paths with autonomy and efficiency, and for the enjoyment of positive experiences.

Our mission is to simplify daily life in an increasingly complex world, helping people experience and relate to their environments.

We deliver smart and unique solutions to connect people to places using our expertise, technical knowledge, and empathy.

Composite showing examples of /STUDIOMDA wayfinding commissions


Location: Tielt-Winge, Belgium / Porto Alegre, Brazil + 32 496 07 13 66