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New 2020 RIVERMEADE logoRIVERMEADE has been established for more than 40 years and employs approximately 50 people, split between our factories in London and Gateshead.

We specialise in design development,  manufacture and installation of signs for major sign projects in the UK and for leading international hotels.

Our reputation is based on the manufacture of high-quality custom signs and the management of complex projects.

Most of the staff at RIVERMEADE have been part of our team for many years – staff turnover is minimal. All our staff members are versatile, highly skilled and work to a single quality standard – the best that can be achieved.

We manufacture virtually everything we sell in our factories only sub-contracting specialist processes. This policy enables us to maximise control over quality and delivery.

Location: Gateshead and London (UK) +44 (0)208 896 6900