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JFK Signs

JFK Signs Logo (43 years in business)JFK Signs is a family-run sign business established in 1976. Be it intricate wayfinding systems or show stopping fascias, 3D lettering or bronze plaques, you name it, we make it. Whatever we make, however, you can be sure that it bears the signs of quality.

Three words describe our signs: experience, skill and care:

Experience: with over 40 years experience, our tight-knit family operation ensures everything runs smoothly.

Skill: we thoroughly train our staff, from traditional craft skills to the latest technology.

Care: a sign is never just another job.

Although we work with all businesses, we often work with luxury brands ranging across hospitality, healthcare, corporate, or fashion. We particularly pride ourselves on being leaders in luxury hospitality signage and having long-running partnerships.

We’re comfortable with all project sizes, from national roll-outs to one-offs. For example, we designed and installed the wayfinding signage for Manchester’s Deansgate Square (a luxury skyscraper apartment development). In contrast, we’ve also hand-painted the fascia for Applebee’s, a leading independent fish restaurant in Borough Market.

We provide a complete signage service: consultancy, planning, design, manufacture and maintenance.

Composite image showing four examples of JFK Signs' work (all exterior signs)

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