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Helena Hill Consulting

Helena Hill ConsultingHelena Hill Consulting is user and passenger experience consultancy based in the North East of England. We help companies and organisations from across industry, big and small, to understand and implement human centred design processes in to their business and enable them to achieve sustainable, user-centric growth.

We firmly believe in working with, rather than for our clients involving them in the design thinking process and ‘becoming’ their customer or client. Importantly, we understand that you have targets to meet and so are passionate about helping you find the right balance between user and customer experience and business goals.

Our tools include digital asset auditing, information architecture, customer experience journey planning, process and service design, user and customer empathy mapping, data strategy and benchmarking and user testing.

As passenger experience consultants we fully understand the importance of wayfinding and signage to the end-to-end passenger experience and recognise, with our digital background, that this often starts well before physical journey.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you.

Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK (+44) 07411 259042