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Did you see them? TFL’s iconic roundels transformed Oxford Circus Underground station exits to celebrate the launch of Sony’s PS5

Picture of AJ Wells staff holding their PS5 themed signage for TFL

A short-term promotional stunt by Sony Interactive Entertainment to celebrate the launch of their PS5 console on 19 November 2020,  saw some TFL Underground stations transformed for just 48 hours. Those of you who had reason to be travelling on TFL Underground last week may have been lucky enough to see this signage marketing feat: station names temporarily renamed to reflect upcoming PS5 games, including Mile End becoming Miles End for Marvel’s Spider-Man ( Miles Morales) and Seven Sisters being renamed Gran Turismo 7 Sisters; and TFL’s iconic roundels replaced temporarily by the PS5 trademark square, circle, triangle and cross signage at the four Oxford Street tube station ‘crossroads’ exits.

SDS corporate member company, Isle of Wight-based AJ Wells & Sons Ltd were involved in the Playstation / Transport for London (TFL) illuminated signs collaboration. From the initial design sketches to engineering and manufacture through to nighttime installation, the turnaround for this project by AJ Wells was just four weeks. Listen to this BBC Sounds podcast, ‘The Playstation 5 and the Isle of Wight‘ for more information.