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Endpoint’s wayfinding solution of the National Museum of Norway wins gold at 2023 Viseult Awards

Aerial view of the National Museum of Norway

Congratulations to Endpoint whose wayfinding work for the iconic National Museum of Norway recently won gold at the 2023 Visuelt Awards ceremony, held on 11 May in Oslo.

Statsbygg – the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property – appointed Endpoint to design and develop a wayfinding system that would enable museum visitors to easily navigate the expansive building.

The wayfinding project, a joint effort between Endpoint and Metric Design, provided a coherent and consistent wayfinding system for the entire National Museum site of over 53,000 m². The clever modular design creates flexibility that enables the system to meet the various needs of ever-changing museum content.

The jury praised the execution of the museum’s wayfinding system, adding: “Everything is balanced against the surrounding architecture and is in line with the museum’s identity: typography, the pictogram family, choice of materials and even the soft white colour have been carefully considered.” These comments fully capture the spirit, approach and value that Metric Design and Endpoint brought to this iconic art and design museum in Norway.

This project was the subject of our October ’22 seminar with Alison Richings, Endpoint’s Wayfinding Design Director. If you’re a paid-up SDS member, (re)watch the talk via our Talks Archive (remember to log in to access resources behind the website paywall). Otherwise, you can buy time-limited access to the event recording – email our Administrator Kate.